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Steel or composite toe boots, what do I need?

Safety toe work boots are designed to protect against a variety of hazards and injuries. The footwear and its protective grade is best chosen after evaluation (risk assessment) of the potential dangers in the work environment.

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How to choose anti-smashing labor insurance shoes?

Anti-smashing labor insurance shoes are used in places where the ground is oily or splashed; waterproof labor insurance shoes are used in workplaces where ground water or splashing water; cold-proof labor insurance shoes are used for foot protection of low-temperature workers to avoid frostbite. 

Are safety shoes good to wear?

Are labor insurance shoes good to wear? It’s right to ask us Ge Tianna, we have so many customers, we have more than 3,000 customer groups in more than 70 countries around the world, various types of safety shoes, labor protection shoes, protective shoes and so on.

Learn what protective equipment is used in the electrical industry with labor insurance work shoe manufacturers

Labor insurance work shoes manufacturers tell you that in some dangerous industries, it is crucial to work. A pair of labor insurance safety shoes and anti-smashing labor insurance shoes can prevent dangerous work and ensure safety. General Electric's anti-smashing labor insurance shoes and labor insurance safety The soles of shoes are mainly rubber soles, which have poor permeability and easily lead to water on the feet.

Strict standards for labor safety shoes

The choice of labor insurance safety shoes mainly depends on whether the manufacturer has obtained the "National Industrial Product Production License" and "LA Safety Mark Certification", whether there is a test report of relevant standards, whether the test method is correct, and whether the result is true.